CC-Rail 20/30lpm

The combination of a double shaft AC motor with our GERO 1 pump results in  a compact system, which does not  require a second motor for either circulation or cooling. The system is also equipped with the asa  rail system, which makes it easy to set up  the cooler to the application by turning connectors in the required position and the variable mounting foot arrangement.


CC-AUC 40/60lpm

The flexible AUC connector system and the reliable screw pump allow higher viscosity grade  and covers performance requirements up to 60kW.


CC-2 Rail 35-102 lpm

Contact us to receive information on our new series, which combines the GERO 2 gerotor pump with our light weight rail system radiators. The available cooling units cover higher oil flow applications and higher performance requirements.


High reliability, short lead times and best availability for wear parts are the arguments in favor of a combination of standard oil coolers with standard motor pump units. Contact us to select the optimal configuration for your application.