Whether small vibration absorbers, cold plates or large oil-air coolers, asa solutions are suitable for a wide range of applications, including online, offline, and mobile.

asa is well-known for its customizable standard products that guarantee quality, flexibility, and quick lead times. Furthermore, we are always happy to support our customers with new product developments, to help them make a difference with their business endeavors. Just select your branch below and get in touch with us. We are looking forward to hearing from you



asa manufactured heat exchangers for compressor oil, compressed air and also combinations involving the cooling requirements of a diesel generator set, including charge air and engine cooling.


Production Machines

Offline cooling and the most compact, flexible and vibration controlled flange to flange connection from tank to pump help to raise performance and minimize maintenance.


Testfuchs HTE350 asa cooler

Hydraulic Power Units

Versatility and availability are constant requirements of HPU builders. Our heat exchange systems can be customized by means of our patented add ons and benefit from the best of two worlds, standard and customized.

Process - Energy Industry

Process and Energy Industry

Compact tank / pump connections and efficient cooling can save space and costs. Our highly durable vibration absorbers can be used in any power unit as well as for the growing market of servo motor supports.



Offshore & Shipbuilding

We offer suitable products from high pressure compensators to the marine shell tube heat exchanger configurations.



Oil & Gas

Our heat exchangers/coolers fulfill the highest standards in terms of robustness and durability. They are well-suited for use as peripheral equipment on wellsite, during oil and gas production, refinery, or while transporting liquids.

Renewable Energies

Renewable Energies

In-house testing, including corrosion resistance testing, air and oil flow (CFD) simulation and real data test verification allow us to provide the compiling technical documentation in the wind, solar, and biomass energy markets.


Construction Machines

Our products for off-highway and mobile applications meet the highest standards regarding vibration control and corrosion resistance. Low noise level, dust protective design and compactness are our best attributes.


Mining & Recycling

Our oil/air cooling range include low clogging on the air side and high vibration absorption capabilities. We offer the best configurations for mining and recycling applications to receive highest performance under extreme environmental conditions.

Electric and Electronic Cooling

Electric & Electronic Cooling

The growing market of Hybrid technologies or electrification of conventional drive trains benefits from our e-cooling products. With our compact brushless DC motor pump units, expansion tanks, and high performance coolers we can offer complete solutions.


Municipal and Commercial Vehicles

Low noise, compact measurements and high temperature capabilities are the main benefits which we can offer to this market. Especially our patented connection systems integrate the functions of filter, tank and cooler to save a lot of space and costs.


Handling and Lifting Equipment

The key factors of our success in the handling and lifting equipment are compact, low noise and easy controlled products with best availability and a high degree of customization.


Agricultural and Forestry Industry

It is particularly important that equipment used in agricultural and forestry applications is cost efficient and durable and well protected against mechanical impacts.